The Foundation’s primary focus is to provide educational funding to academically inclined children of disadvantaged backgrounds, particularly in the greater Delhi area. Many of the parents in this vast urban area are constantly witness to the larger benefits .. More
Small strides engender big changes. Just as a sculpture gives shape to stone, education gives shape to our soul. It unshackles our potential and helps us realize our dreams. It is the light that illuminates the path to greater fulfillment. Unfortunately, for the majority of us, this light remains out of reach...   More
  We at the Gurdial Singh Foundation believe that education is a critical component for any positive societal change. And education starts at the level of the individual. Our goal is the reach out and support as many academically inclined disadvantaged youth as we can, giving them the tools, skills and confidence to break from their shackles...   More
Gurdial Singh was not just a statesman and an intellectual. He was not just focused on his political, diplomatic and business activities, successful though he was in these fields. More than anything, Gurdial was a loving, compassionate and generous man. Whether he was talking to a Head of State, a worker on the street or a young child, Gurdial had the unique ability to reach out and touch the lives of all who came in contact with him. Deeply influenced by Mahatma Gandhi, Gurdial fought social and religious discrimination wherever he found it, and maintained the highest level of personal values and integrity throughout his life...  More  

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