The Foundation’s primary focus is to provide educational funding to academically inclined children of disadvantaged backgrounds, particularly in the greater Delhi area. Many of the parents in this vast urban area are constantly witness to the larger benefits .. More

We at the Gurdial Singh Foundation believe that education is a critical component for any positive societal change.  And education starts at the level of the individual.  Our goal is the reach out and support as many academically inclined disadvantaged youth as we can, giving them the tools, skills and confidence to break from their shackles.  As they acquire the education that would have normally passed them by, not only will they themselves be able to escape the grind of poverty and lack of opportunity, but they will also carry others with them.  The effect of educating one will be felt by many.

The main aim of the Gurdial Singh Foundation is to facilitate the continued primary and secondary education of disadvantaged children – academically inclined children who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to stay in school.  We are initially focused on disadvantaged children identified as promising students by teachers, social workers and others.  We try to place them in English medium schools, and will fund those with the aptitude and desire through vocational training or college.

We are concentrating on the greater Delhi region.  With the establishment of the Foundation in late 2006, we have taken over the funding of some two dozen students. Our goal is to steadily increase this number over the next few years, aiming for approximately 100 students by the end of 2007.

The Gurdial Singh Foundation has plans for other education related activities.  As we establish ourselves, we will move forward with these initiatives as appropriate.  We are not motivated by size or public profile, we are motivated by meaningful impact.

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